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Wind-Pitch Overview

Instructor: Ron Holt
About Me
Group Classes are $25 per class per person.
Private Lessons for weekly group students are $50/hr.
Private Lessons (w/Amy, Chris or Terry) for non-weekly students are $65/hr.
Private Lessons (w/Ron) for non-weekly students are $75/hr. Look through my web site and notice the emphasis placed explanation and understanding. You will learn more from us in a 2-hour session than you will at any 3-day camp. Why? Because we will discuss your needs and will customize our session based on what you need and want. Our goal is to pinpoint the problems and explain to you how to correct them.
Pitching Technique: Quadrants System - This system I have developed allows students to learn the motion in small, bite-sized portions that blend with each other as we proceed.
Primary Emphasis: Kenesiology of the motion, spherical physics - ball rotation
Secondary Emphasis: 1.) Psychological Pitching - how to gain the advantage 2.) Deception - how to hide what you are doing
Location: Liberty Hill, TX (Northwest of Austin) Click HERE for Map
Length of Lessons: Mon - Fri group classes are *officially* 45 minutes, but typically last for an hour starting at 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM & 8:00 PM.
Special Sessions: Special Sessions can be arranged in a 1-on-1 environment on the weekends in 1-hr intervals. A typical small clinic for 1-8 kids is usually 2 - 2.5 hours and is tailored to your specific needs.
Maximum Students / Lesson: My individual classes are obviously 1 student. My group lessons carry a maximum of 5 students per class. Generally, I try to keep it to 4, unless a customer has a makeup scheduled or some other special need. Weekend classes/clinics can vary according to your needs. I also teach group lessons for leagues, teams and out of town groups upon request.
Ages: Usually 8 & Up. I have taught as young as 7 on up to college players. My techniques and teaching style have proven time and time again to work, no matter what the age or level of experience of the student is.
Additional Info: My teaching goes well beyond traditional physical motions. I am a big-big believer in the mental power of athletics. I will help to bring out the best in both confidence and results that will spill over into other aspects of the pitcher's life. Success generates more success...on the field and off the field.

A Little More Detail

  • Beginning Pitchers - I'll start you off with my 'Quadrants System' of pitching where you will learn the proper and natural motion of the windmill pitch. I'll explain the physics and the need for proper ball rotation. All of my explanations are in terms that are easy to understand and I will show you visual aids as well as present analogies to help explain why we are doing what we are doing. We'll focus on the fastball and the change-up and I'll show you how to handle the batters with locations and by mixing the two pitches.

  • Intermediate Pitchers - I'll work with your motion and together we will tune it and get the most out of what you are doing. There's a lot of work to be done here to move you from an intermediate pitcher to an advanced pitcher. In addition to increasing the speed of your fastball and the reliability of your change-up, we will focus on 'drops' and 'curve balls'. We'll also learn various techniques for aggravating the batters. I'll teach you techniques for becoming the leader on the field by setting the example for your teammates.

  • Advanced Pitchers - I can teach you the in's and out's of pitching...technique, grips and different pitches. If you are having specific difficulties or problems with your pitching or with specific pitches, or you are having difficulty with a new pitch, I can help. For example, if your change-up is just not working, I know several. We can find one that will work for you. I can teach you the fundamentals of the 'tough pitches' including three completely different curve balls, the in-shoot and the rise. You'll learn do's and don'ts you never even thought of. You'll learn about the "6-inch playing field" - the space between your ears. Most pitchers pitch on the batter's terms and don't even know it. Batters hate three things and I'll show you how to capitolize on all three at the mental and physical level. The difference between good pitchers and great pitchers is primarily between their ears; attitude and knowledge. If you don't have the right attitude and the right knowledge, you will not excel. I'll work with you on focus and visualization as well as minor physical 'tweaks' to bring out the best in you and your pitching.


Life Lessons

I am a believer in sports and the life lessons it teaches...such as work ethic, cooperation, team work, friendship, respect for others and respect for self.


Attitude is EVERYTHING. Your attitude is a choice you make every day. You can go positive or you can go negative. One of those choices has a future.

Self Control

The ONLY thing you can control is how you are going to react to the current situation. Everything else has an element of chance involved.


A little frustration is a GOOD sign. It means you think you should be doing better. Frustration does not mix with anger or fatigue. It does however, mix well with a little humor. Don't take youself so seriously that you forget to have fun.

Success Cycle

1.)Ask Questions
2.)Set goals
3.)Work Hard
4.)Expect Results
5.)Accept Responsibility
7.)Revisit step 1


You'll have good days in the circle when you are simply 'untouchable'. And you'll have days in the circle when your performance is terrible. Through both the good outings and the bad outings remian humble. When you have a bad outing, keep your head up, work hard and remember; Mom & Dad still love you, you are going to get supper and you will have a place to sleep. In the big scheme of things, a bad outing is not the end of the world.

The Rules

1.) Take Care of Yourself
2.) Take Care of Your Family
3.) Do Good work

That's it ...that's all there is to it. It's so simple. If you keep those three major categories in perspective, everything else will take care of itself.

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