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"Wind-Pitch"...short for Windmill Pitching.
Proven techniques, Proven results...Get Serious.

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My techniques have helped many pitchers at all levels. My pitching CD will help you!
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Look at the difference after 1 month! Notice the difference in the leg drive. The more upright posture, the extention, the glove position. Small efficient changes that make a huge difference in your pitching.


Are you having fun when you pitch...or are you nervous and tense with that sick feeling in your stomach? Are you having fun at your lessons?

Are you learning not only how to pitch, but how to be a smart pitcher? Are you looking forward to your pitching lessons, or dreading them?

The road to pitching success starts between your ears. Your attitude is your steering wheel. Are you on the freeway to success? Or are you bouncing along a dirt road to nowhere? You can't make the journey if you are in the ditch.

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