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My pitching CD makes a great set of notes after one of my clinics! It contains my "In The Circle" pitching book and contains over 30-minutes of video.
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Wind-Pitch: Clinics

Pitching Clinics

I organize and teach pitching clinics for leagues, teams and even small groups of pitchers. My clinics are a little different than other clinics. My pitching clinic schedules are dependant upon you and your desires. Generally for league clinics where there will be many pitchers, I like to come to your league's fields. That generally makes it easier on everyone. When you call, we will discuss many things pertaining the to the clinic such as the number of pitchers, the length of my drive to the facilities, the dates, expectations and skill level of the pitchers. Based on those parameters, together we work out a schedule and a price. I can help strengthen the pitching of your entire league or team in several ways.

For beginners, I can teach my sound methodology which I call 'The Quadrants System'. I will get you started and we will discuss each step in the methodology. In a single beginner's clinic, we will discuss ball rotation, spherical physics, grips and what it takes to be a pitcher. I will introduce, and we will work on each quadrant for a short time to make sure everyone understands the process. We will focus on the fast ball and the changeup. You will not walk away from this clinic as a good pitcher. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the steps necessary to become a good, solid pitcher. With the additional help of my book, you will be able to continue step by step through each step of my 'Quadrants System' in detail, the way I teach it. My book is very straight-forward and easy to understand. It is almost as though you were taking private lessons. And you will make quick, serious progress.

For those interested in advanced pitching we can discuss your needs and I can tailor a clinic to those specific needs. I teach two different drops, three seperate curve balls - each with their own distinctions, the in-shoot (screwball) and the elusive rise ball. I can help your pitchers with crucial aspects of advanced pitching such as the mental game, aggravating the batters and situational control. I can even teach the coaches how to help their pitcher.

All-Skills Clinics

We can also give you an excellent all-skills clinic. Again, we like to do this a little differently than most. We would prefer to come to your facilities to do the clinic. We also require that coaches attend the early segment, or Coach's Clinic. It does no good for us to come and teach your players Real Fast Pitch Techniques only to have a coach teach the same old baseball stuff after we leave. We want to make sure everyone understands that there is a HUGE difference between fast pitch softball and baseball. We want everyone to use and understand the phrase "IT'S NOT BASEBALL!". We coach an ASA 18U team. Between the three of us, we have over 25 years of Girl's Fast Pitch Softball coaching experience. We have been through the 'School of Hard Knocks' and we know what works and what does not work. One thing we have learned for sure is that "Girl's Fast Pitch Softball is NOT baseball". This is a point the many coaches fail to understand. The two games are different. It is a common practice for coaches to move their batters to the back of the batter's box...just like baseball...right?...nope...say it with me..."IT'S NOT BASEBALL!", the batters go to the Front of the box and we will explain why...along with many other things that you may not even be aware of. We explain and demonstrate the latest techniques used at major area colleges for fielding and batting, including drags, slaps, cross-over bunts and punch-bunts. We also will show you how to teach your players to hit the ball hard with a quick, compact stroke while avoiding the non productive 'big round-house baseball swing'.


Our clinics offer a tremendous value to the players, parents and coaches as well as the entire league and it's teams. We like to make a day of it by starting with a 2-3 hour coach's clinic in the morning, which usually runs from 9 AM to Noon-ish. We break for an hour lunch, and get back together at 1 PM where the coaches who attended the coaches clinic then use their newly learned knowledge to assist in the clinic and help teach the kids while we lead and oversee the instruction. This is a 'Proof of Concept' clinic. That is to say, the league's coaches are not finished until they can teach what they have earned. You never realize how much you don't know until you try to teach someone else how to do something. The kid's clinic usually runs from 1 PM to around 5-6 PM. The newest fast pitch techniques are taught. We will also introduce the coaches and players to some new ideas which can greatly improve the level of play in the league. These ideas include 'Quality At Bats', Visualization, and Learning to 'Own Your Errors'.


The cost of the clinic is determined on an individual basis depending on many factors which we will discuss with you. But generally, our clinics provide tremendous value at a very reasonable price. You'll never find a better value for a clinic for your league or team. After the clinic, you will truly understand, "IT'S NOT BASEBALL!". We can strengthen the quality of your league, your team, your players, and your coaches. Team sports reflects life with its teamwork, cooperation, understanding, and trust. Now, more than ever, we need our kids in strong team sport programs.

Call us... Together, we can make a difference.


Quality At-Bats

The BEST batters fail about 70% of the time. Concentrate on 'Quality At-Bats' and let the hitting take care of itself.

What is a Quality At-Bat?

A QAB is made up of:
Proper attitude, properly sized bat, knowing & executing your coach's signals, good pitch selection, ball focus, fundamental swings. You CAN have a QAB at *EVERY* at-bat.

Own Your Errors

Make your errors at 110% and admit them. Softball is a team sport, but everyone stands alone. When you make an error, everyone sees it. Don't deny it or blame it on something else...OWN IT! Once you admit the error you can put it behind you and get on with the game. Understand WHY you made the error and fix it in practice. When your teammates make an error, be the first to give them a good word...tell them its okay.

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