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"In The Circle" Is Now on CD with Over 30-Minutes of Video !

In The Circle: An Intro to the 'Quadrants System' of Windmill Pitching

This CD contains my pitching e-book PLUS over 30-minutes of video !

It's like having your own Private Pitching Instructor for only $39.95

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pitchers, coaches and parents...everyone benefits from my CD. For less than the price of one private lesson, you can purchase my pitching cd which, contains my book; "In The Circle - An Introduction to the Quadrants System of Windmill Pitching". The book has been converted to an interactive e-book with 30+ minutes of integrated vidoes on CD. Now you and learn, practice and review at your own pace with your own 'private pitching instructor'. This book and the accompanying videos will teach you exactly as I have taught literally hundreds of kids to pitch.

One of the distinguishing aspects of my e-book is that I actually part with the information you are after. Too many instructors are secretive about their information, fearing that you might actually learn something. My CD removes all the mystery by explaining and showing you HOW to get started. Many videos begin with an assumption that you know more than you probably do. The result is a video or book which jumps in too fast, too soon and begins with too much going on and not enough preparation or explanation. The result of this is that many pitchers do not understand what they are doing. Ball rotations and seam orientation are just a couple of examples of this. These often-omitted details can be the difference in good pitching and great pitching. In this CD I discuss my technique which, is called the 'Quadrants System' and I break it all down in easy-to-perform, bite-sized segments. At each segment or 'checkpoint', I discuss body orientation, arm location, hand/thumb location, etc. Each chapter builds upon previously learned checkpoints. By executing the 'Nuts & Bolts', one quadrant at a time, you will be making a full turn with the understanding of the mechanics in just a short time. Photographs are included in the e-book which will aid in the explanation of such topics as ball seams, grips, alignment, foot and arm positions. There is a chapter on trouble-shooting...the common mistakes and how to recognize and fix them. I even have a chapter on coaching your own child. In addition to the e-book, over 30-minutes of video clips are integrated into the book and allow you to read a section, then view the video for futher explanation.

Intermediate & Advanced Pitchers

will benefit from my CD as well. I have found a large number of advanced pitchers and even college pitchers don't actually understand what they are doing. They were taught with 'Go Like This' instruction and no explanation of why. The intermediate and advanced sections of the book discuss various pitches and contains photos of grips. Simply stated...You will perform better when you understand what you are doing and why.

Unlike other instructors with videos and books, I make my email address and my phone number readily available within the CD, so contacting me is easy. Are you having trouble with your pitching? Do you have questions about my 'The Quadrants System'? Once you purchase my CD, you're not in this alone. I am only an email or a phone call away from providing you with some help. My business does not succeed unless YOU succeed.

Your Success IS my business !

Works with Microsoft Windows and Windows Media Player Version 9 minimum (free from Microsoft).

CD-In The Circle: E-Book + Integrated Videos on CD = $39.95

In The Beginning: A Guide to Building and Operating a Successful Girl's Fastpitch Softball Program

OUT OF STOCK - This book is being converted to an E-Book on CD

This book is designed to help you organize and optimize your organization. The book is focused specifically on how to organize, start and operate the to put it together and make it run as smoothly as possible. It introduces and teaches managers and coaches how to coach strong, positive, team-building attitudes, allowing the team to generate its own success. It also addresses problem areas such as behaviors, and even parental problems as well as tips and hints for avoiding common 'gotchas' such as "Coach's Kid Syndrome". It contains examples of useful documents such as Commitment Letters, Sponsorship Letters, general rules and regulations and expected behaviors.

In The Box: An Intro to Fast Pitch Batting Mechanics

OUT OF STOCK - This book is being converted to an E-Book on CD

Looking for more success with the bat? This book will help you get there. Fast pitch batting mechanics is W-A-Y different than baseball. The batters also have more options in terms of what type of contact they make. This book discusses the proper 'stroke', slaps, drags, and different styles of bunts. It also will help batters understand the difficulty of batting...where a 70% failure rate (or a batting average of .300) is VERY good.


The Athletic Scholarship Helper


What are the necessary step to obtain an athletic scholarship? This CD covers it all… Academics, Athletics, Marketing, and Finding the Right School. Every parent and athlete needs to be proactive and take some control of his or her lives. Do not leave it up to someone else. Nobody is going to bust your door down and beg you to sign with their college. Learn what you can do to Gain an Edge. Your athlete needs the help and you may not have the time or the knowledge to help them. This CD is your road map to a success.
Order Now! Requires Microsoft Word & Excel and QuickTime. (QuickTime can be installed from the CD). Easy to use. Works on most MAC and PC's
CD - Athletic Scholarship Helper on CD = $59.95

If you have questions, just send me an email or give me a call.



Do you need help getting your team on track? Want to build a high caliber team that generates its own success?


Having a hard time sitting in the bleachers, watching as the coach teaches baseball techniques?


Interested in pitching? Want to play better ball?


These books will help you reach your goals in an easy to read and easy to understand format. These books will help you understand this is not, like too many people think, a game where you "dress the girls up like boys and let them play a sissy flavor of baseball". This is a completely different game with different techniques and different strategy. My book series names says it all;

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