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I have owned and operated Wind-Pitch, teaching Windmill Pitching Instructions in Liberty Hill, TX since 1997. I maintain an average of about 50-60 regular, weekly students that range in age from 8-22 years old. In addition to my regular weekly students, I have many students from all over the state of Texas and in fact, all over the country, who come on a customized schedule to work on specifics. I instruct at several collegiate Summer Pitching Camps including the University of Texas, with Head Coach Connie Clark. I have several pitchers who made it into the collegiate ranks including 3rd-Team All-American, Jessica Chase at Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University), Erin Crawford at Texas Tech, Lizi Sowers at The University of Texas, Courtney Williams at St. Edward's, Jackilyn Michelle & Lindsey Liles & Charlotte Watson who are all three at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. There are several other colleges in the mix that have my players, including Concordia, Grayson County, Temple Jr. College, Howard College, Hill Jr. College, Texas A&M Kingsville, Texarkana Jr. College, Sul Ross, and others. Several of the area college coaches who know me and know what they can expect from me, periodically call and request that I work with their pitchers.

My pitchers have success at all ages. I have a proven methodology of teaching which applies to beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced pitchers. I have a special talent for working with experienced pitchers and rather than trying to change their mechanics totally, I help them do what they do better and more efficiently. The only thing I am non-negotiable about are motions which I term 'Evil'. An evil motion is one I define as physically harmful or a motion which is going to prevent progression. I have multiple grips and multiple ways to throw each pitch including several change-ups, two drops, three curves, two rise balls and two in-shoots. Why the selection, you might ask? Because not everyone pitches the same way. I realize that differences in build, size and shape create differences in pitching. We all adhere to the same rules for walking on two feet. However, we all have differences based upon our builds. There are identifying movements in walking...or what I refer to as a 'signature'. There are also signatures in pitching motions. The same rules, but each is different and identifiable. Just the same way that no two people walk *exactly* alike, no two people pitch exactly the same. Knowing and understanding different grips and techniques comes in handy when teaching. I can throw all the pitches I teach, so I don't just talk about it, I show it and I throw it.

No yelling, hollering, screaming or intimidating. No guilt, belittling or insulting types of instruction are permitted. I teach all of my instructors the checkpoints and rules of my 'Quadrants System' and each is "Wind-Pitch Certified" prior to taking a class on their own. We like to joke with the kids and 'cut-up' a little. Laughter is a great way to learn, and a great way to deal with frustration. One thing is certain; If you are going to pitch, you are going to experience frustration. Frustration in a pitcher is a good sign. It means they believe they should be doing better. It is the other emotions we 'MIX' with frustration that cause the problems. An example is Anger. Anger is bad news and does not mix with frustration. Fatigue is another. When mixed with frustration, Fatigue can be explosive. I pick up these cues from the pitchers and try to redirect them. I believe that frustration mixed with some humor and patience builds confidence and teaches pitchers how to keep everything in perspective. If you can't laugh at yourself a little, you're going to have a long, hot dusty road to travel in your life's journey. Even on your worst day of pitching, keeping things in perspective is actually easy...

  • Mom & Dad still love you
  • You're going to get dinner
  • You have a place to sleep

    In the 'Big Scheme' of things, a bad pitching outing is not the end of the world. The greatest pitchers in the world have had and will have bad outings.

    So go out and seize the opportunity without reservation and without hesitation, knowing that others will respect you for not only your abilities, and your persistence, but how you respond to the current situation.

    See you in the circle,

    Coach Ron

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