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Pitching Instructors

Since 1997, Wind-Pitch has set the standard for girl's fastpitch softball pitching instruction in Central Texas. While others have come and gone, we have been stable and committed to our customers. Let's face it, this is not an overnight miracle. It takes effort and commitment from the student, the parent and the instructor. But it takes more than that. It takes knowledge and the ability to convey that knowledge and work with the kids in a way that the kids respond to. I've seen many instructors 'slop it around' at the local park until they exhaust their very limited knowledge or simply lose interest. They lack communication skills, interest declines and the stop showing up, leaving their customers hanging. Why? Because they are not commited to the task or to their customers. At Wind-Pitch, we have shown our commitment to our customers by consistently producing quality pitchers since 1997 - same place - same name. We have remained in the same location, teaching day-in, day-out...producing the top pitchers in the area. In fact, we are growing and expanding at such a fast pace that our waiting list is outgrowing our ability to service customers. The fact is, we need more quality instructors.

We are looking for commited instructors who:

  • are willing to put in the time and effort
  • actually care about the customers
  • know the material
  • know how to convey the message to kids
  • have patience, understanding and compassion
  • know how to have fun with the instruction
  • are willing to become familiar with and teach my methodology as well as their own.

    We need committed instructors to work with and teach girls of all abilities and levels.

    If you are only interested in teaching beginner's basics, I have a place for you.

    One day a week or even five days a week, this could be a convenient and fun job for you. Since we teach classes after school lets out, this position is quite compatible with a full-time job. With a full schedule, this could easily become a full-time job.

    You must be reliable, stable, work well with kids, and willing to make and keep commitments to our customers. You must agree to a full background check.

    If you think you have what it takes to work for and uphold the high standards that have been set at Wind-Pitch since 1997 and would like to be a part of this rapidly growing business, please contact me for further discussion.

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