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Wind-Pitch Terms & Conditions as of 01/01/07
COST: $25 ($30 offsite) per class, paid monthly on an invoice-based system.
CLASSES: Each class is officially 45-minutes long. The 15-minute interval between classes is to be used for the current class to begin finishing up and for the next class to begin warming up. If you need to speak with the instructor, this 15-minute period is the time to do it. If additional discussion is needed, please make arrangements with the instructor for another time. Please make every effort not to infringe on the following class time.
PARTICIPANTS: Each pitcher must provide their own catcher. Catchers are responsible for their own catching equipment. Be aware that catching has its own hazards. Bad hops, balls bouncing off of the cage frames and home plates, etc. can and do happen and may cause injuries. By assuming the catcher's role, or by providing a catcher, you agree that you assume all responsibilities for any equipment or injuries.
SCHEDULE: Each pitching slot will be available once per week. There are currently no pitching classes scheduled for the fifth occurrence of a day of the week in any month regardless of previous cancellations in that month.
TWO WEEK ESCROW: In addition to the first month's payment, a one-time non-refundable two week escrow equal to the price of two group lessons is required when you start weekly instruction. The payment will be held and applied to the two lessons that follow your termination notice. It is up to you to schedule accordingly and provide a 2-week notice of your departure.
PAYMENT: Your monthly payment is DUE on the 1st lesson of the month. It is LATE if paid after your 2nd scheduled pitching session. A 'Scheduled Pitching Session' is defined as; 'a pitching session not cancelled by Wind-Pitch'. A late fee in the amount of one group lesson will be applied to your account if payment is received after the day of your 2nd schedule pitching session of the month. Subsequent late fees of TWO TIMES the amount of one group lesson will be added for each additional late payment. Following your 2nd scheduled pitching session of the month, further service will be denied until your account is paid in full including any late fees. We accept several methods of payment including cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American-Express on the internet at - click on 'Instruction / Lessons' and select the appropriate item and the number of lessons you are paying for. You may send direct PayPal payments to via the internet. You may also mail your payment to: Wind-Pitch, 125 Tristen Cove, Liberty Hill, TX 78642. With this many options, there is no acceptable reason to pay late. Failure to pay an assessed late fee will result in forfeiture of your 2-week escrow, any additional account balance as well as your reserved pitching slot and there will be no refunds granted. The fee for returned checks will be the maximum allowed by law. A denied credit card will be treated like a bounced check. Following a 2nd returned check or denied credit card, YOU WILL BECOME A CASH ONLY CUSTOMER. Wind-Pitch reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
CANCELLATIONS: Any cancellation by Wind-Pitch, occurring on a day you have been invoiced for will result in a credit equal to the amount of one group lesson added to each affected account and will balance out on the following month's invoice. Cancellation decisions are usually made by 5:00 PM. If in doubt, please check the website calendar for scheduling updates or call 512-965-6500.
ABSENCES: You are purchasing a guaranteed time slot for instruction. Payment is required for lessons you miss. Make-ups are a courtesy, extended to you by the instructor, not a guarantee or right. Make-ups may be scheduled within 1-week of (before or after) your missed lesson and at the discretion of the instructor. If you miss a scheduled makeup class, it will not be rescheduled. Two consecutive absences with no communication constitutes forfeiture of your 2-week escrow, and your reserved slot with no refund. Upon return, you will be required to repay your two week escrow. Communication is a key element to ensure you do not lose your position.
NON-PARTICIPANTS: All non-participants must stay out of the training area during lessons. The chance of being hit by a ball or a bat is very real. Safety is our number one concern.
INSTRUCTORS:'Guest Instructors' and 'Assistant Instructors' may be employed. They may work with all students or with particular students only. These instructors may operate the training session in my absence.
NO SMOKING outside the boundaries of the parking lot.

I have received, understand and agree to the terms and conditions presented here pertaining to instruction given by Wind-Pitch and/or it's instructors.

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